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Email to Planners Swabey, Tucker Apr 26 '09

Andrew and Ted - Can you tell me -- or tell me how I can find -- the status and the timelines of the Port Place Mall redevelopment? It's sparking a lot of interest on the new blog NanaimoCityHall. Also, can you tell me if there's been feedback on the development proposal from Franc D'Ambrosio's firm in regards to how it does or doesn't reflect the approach recommended by the Downtown Design Guidelines?

Have a look -- It would be great to hear from you on the blog.

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Email thread with Planning Director Andrew Tucker in response to my questions -

Thanks Andrew – This is helpful and appreciated. I have a number of questions — a number of them no doubt of the dumb variety — and I don’t want to scattergun them at you. Is there, in the interest of not taking up a lot of your valuable time, someone I can ask for instance -

Who sits on the Design Advisory Panel? Who Chairs it? How can I access agendas and minutes? I see on the City website its schedule of meetings for 2010. Are its meetings as I assume all City Panels and Committees and Commissions are, open to the public?


On 29/04/2010 9:47 AM, Andrew Tucker wrote: > Frank,

There are currently three applications in stream for the Port Place Mall and the adjacent property located at 9 Nicol Street. The details of all three applications are available on the City’s website using NanaimoMap under the Development theme. > The Development Permit (DP) application for 9 Nicol Street is for a two storey stand alone commercial building with access from Esplanade and Nicol Streets. This application became delayed as the applicant sought to resolve access issues with the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure. The City supports a right-in/right-out off Esplanade and a right-out only onto Nicol/Terminal. > The DP application for Port Place Mall is for the first phase of redevelopment which includes demolition of the western portion of the mall to create a private road connection through the mall property to the Gabriola Ferry and the creation of a “High Street” with a two storey commercial building along the northern edge of the street. > Both DP applications have been considered by the City’s Design Advisory Panel (DAP) and recommended for approval. The applicant has advised that they are wishing to make modifications to both sets of plans already submitted so we are awaiting revised plans before determining if the application will require reconsideration by the DAP. If the modifications are substantial then the applications will go back in front of the DAP before consideration by City Council. > The Rezoning application is to facilitate the longer term redevelopment of the site. The longer term vision put forward by the property owner is for increased residential components along Cameron Road and on the SE corner of the site. The Cameron Road is proposed as an 8 storey building whereas the SE corner of the site is proposed as a high rise tower in accordance with the Downtown Plan. Given the applicant’s desire to make modifications to the plans submitted to date, this too will await revised plans. > With regards to Franc D’Ambrosio, he was the consultant for the City’s Downtown Design Guidelines. He does not have any ongoing contract with the City to provide design advice and has therefore not commented to the City on the development proposals. > Andrew Tucker Director of Planning City of Nanaimo

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