Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From The Pop-Up City
The Urban Apartment As A Pinhole Camera is an experimental and dreamy visual project by the Paris-based photographers and camera men Romain Alary and Antoine Levi. The project uses a primitive technique: the Camera Obscura. Applied to an original scale, the project is based on projection from the outside to the inside. Two layers are merging while the landscapes become the background of the interior. The results are awesome. Here’s episode 1, ‘Pushkar, India’:

Ghat from Romain A on Vimeo.

Exploring new ways to enhance their photography skills, Alary and Levi darken an entire space, blocking out all of the light except for a small beam from the window. They use stationary DSLR cameras to capture the imagery as the outside landscape merges with the indoor space. The men are looking for new places they could use with interesting views, so give them a shout if you’d like your apartment to become the set of a new episode. Click here to check out the series.

The Urban Apartment As A Pinhole Camera — The Pop-Up City

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