Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From Car Free Baltimore — 6 Small Ways
To Make Baltimore More Livable Right Now

Bellingham, WA. Small changes, big impact.
While Baltimore waits for a new arena, and a handful of other big projects, here are a few smaller things that can be done right now to make people say, “Hey, this place is alright”.

1. Low Cost Transit Improvements

Eric Hatch’s ideas are gold, so I don’t need to repeat them here. I especially liked his points about extending transit operating hours to 3am, adding light rail infill stations, and inter-neighborhood shuttle bugs. Having lived in Hampden for a few months now, I can say the neighborhood is a transit desert and needs better connections to Johns Hopkins and downtown. Baltimore has been car-focused for so long that we have to make transit twice as good to attract more choice riders. Small improvements which show MTA cares about quality are a first step. Also, may it’s time to rethink the entire bus network like Portland did in 1982. Read more: Ways We Can Make Baltimore More Livable Right Now | Car Free Baltimore

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