Tuesday, April 14, 2015

From TheCityFix
The eight principles of the sidewalk

Well-designed sidewalks have three zones. Photo Luísa Schardong/EMBARQ Brasil
Walking is the most democratic way to get around. It is the oldest mode of transport, the most common in the world, it’s free, and it may even help you burn a few calories.
Nevertheless, people are walking less and less. As cities have become more sprawled, highways have replaced sidewalks, creating significant obstacles to walking safely. Sidewalks with broken concrete, narrow widths, and illegally parked vehicles on them are further evidence that walking has is slowly being suffocated by other modes of transport that are less healthy for both people and cities.
We need a shift back to pedestrian-friendly streets. Enhancing the quality of city sidewalks not only attracts more pedestrians, but also helps to create enjoyable public spaces where people want to spend their time. Read more at: The eight principles of the sidewalk: building more active cities | TheCityFix

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