Friday, January 15, 2016

From Price Tags — Nathan Pachal posts From South of the Fraser

Nathan Pachal has been posting this week at Price Tags and he's raising a number of important issues I'd like to see generate more discussion. His is a south of the Fraser River perspective and the issues he's raising he feels, and I agree, are of importance to Vancouver city proper as much as they are to the fast growing exurbs. In the post linked below he gets into the structural governance difference between Vancouver and other BC municipalities. Have a look at the per capita tax collection disparity among municipalities he describes. He's running for Council in the upcoming Langley by-election.

Urbanists from the City of Vancouver love telling others about the accomplishments of their city. Usually after telling everyone about the awesomeness that is the City of Vancouver (which does world-leading things), they proceed to question why every other municipality in the region doesn’t copy exactly what Vancouver does. I’ll tell you why. Read more: The City of Vancouver is special | Price Tags

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