Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ideas That Matter
Big City Mayors meet with Jane Jacobs
2001 Winnipeg C5 Conference

Editor's notes, Mary W, Rowe. Over two days in May of this year, Jane Jacobs met with the mayors of five of Canada’s largest and most economically significant cities to discuss issues of mutual concern and importance. This historic meeting, known as the C5, was an outgrowth of a series of discussions, convened by urban advocate, businessman and ITM Executive Publisher Alan Broadbent over a twenty month period, in which Jacobs had participated. The C5 meeting was initiated by Jacobs as a means of bringing together the leadership from five Canadian cities whose economies she considers to be most at risk because of their outdated, paternal relationships with ‘senior’ levels of government. PDF of the Sept, 2001 edition of Ideas that Matter here.

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