Monday, October 15, 2012

Port Authority and Private Company
Propose 30 Year Nanaimo Boat Basin Plan

Pacific Northwest Marina Group (PNMG) propsal to work with the Nanaimo Port Authority to revitalize Nanaimo’s marina: Marina Nanaimo | Pacific Northwest Marina Group

My note to Mayor, Council:

Subject: Boat basin plan Date: 15 October, 2012  
Mayor Ruttan and Nanaimo City Councillors, 

Some thoughts in regards to the boat basin marina plan proposed by the Pacific Northwest Marine Group: The obvious: the waterfront walkway and marina add up to a truly successful public space by any standard anywhere in the country. The elements that contribute to this success are many and any plan that adds to the wonderfully dynamic diversity of uses would be welcome. By the same token, to eliminate any element from this alchemy would be potentially a serious mistake. Our terrific little city is not a theme park. If PNMG's plan can't maintain all the elements currently in place: full secure access for Protection Island residents and other locals; full secure access for tug boat operators and commercial fishers -- with affordable moorage rates guaranteed for the duration of the agreement -- you should not support the proposal IMO. 

Frank Murphy

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