Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nanaimo Citizens Initiative
Opposes Harbour Marina Privatization

From Save Our HarbourA proposal to ‘revitalize’ the downtown Nanaimo marina has been accepted by the Nanaimo Port Authority (NPA) and a final contract is scheduled to be signed in early 2013. The redevelopment would be done by the Pacific Northwest Marine Group (PNMG). PNMG is a company with offices in Sidney, BC. Their website states that PNMG is “linked to Marinaco Holdings ULC, owned by COM Investments, a firm owned by Seattle businessman and entrepreneur Craig McCaw. This redevelopment — as now proposed — would disrupt the traditional and growing economy of the Port of Nanaimo, cut off access to Protection Island citizens, and inflame already strained relations with the Snuneymuwx First Nation. These parties all welcome progressive commerce and development, but seek active involvement in the decision-making process. Save Our Harbour More here.

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Frank Murphy said...

From: Gordon Towne
Subject: Nanaimo Harbour
Date: 29 January, 2013 12:28:01 PM PST
To: frankmurphy@thesidewalkballet.com

Frank Murphy,

I'm writing to provide some background material about the ad hoc Save Our Harbour coalition's struggle with the Nanaimo Port Authority / Pacific Northwest Marine Group over the pending arrangement to privatize Nanaimo's most valuable asset, its working harbour.
We think this harbour take-over deal -- to be signed in February -- is an important story, in the way that issues of recurring interest to all Canadians are converging here.

Briefly, the Pacific Northwest Marine Group, owned by American entreptreneur, Craig McCaw - has made a very private deal with the Nanaimo Harbour Authority, a Federal agency, to convert this historic, working harbour into what will essentially become a secure parking lot and point of departure for the super yachts of faraway owners. There was no consultation with local stakeholders. This deal will disrupt the local economy by displacing our fishing fleets, island commuters, visiting vessels, etc, as well as inflaming issues of concern to the Snuneymeuxw First Nation (Douglas Treaty, Bill C45 etc), which is already riled up after decades of betrayals and is Idle No More.

This, in a proud working town, which has had its fair share of hard knocks, and still found a way to be beautiful.

We have created a website as a resource for interested parties. It contains details of the proposed marina, economic impact analysis, arguments against, and new ideas by all stakeholders. Please visit:


Gordon Towne
Nanaimo resident