Friday, March 22, 2013

From streetfilms —"You need to change how the street functions, make it feel slower for drivers. You need traffic calming."

Traffic calming takes many forms and can describe any measure taken to reduce traffic speeds, improve safety, and make using the street a better overall experience. The most effective traffic calming measures are those that influence drivers to “behave in a civilized manner...” MBA: Traffic Calming from Streetfilms on Vimeo. More at" Streetfilms | MBA: Traffic Calming


Dan Appell said...

Very good. Too my mind almost every street in Nanaimo is too wide by two to four metres. There is a rare opportunity in this city to, relative to other centres, easily introduce pedestrian sidewalks, wider pedestrian sidewalks, cycling lanes, and dedicated bus lanes. My hope is the new transportation plan picks up on this potential and directs the city towards a more sensible street design.

One thing this film didn't do was explain the difference between a residential street and a living street.

Frank Murphy said...

Any hope I had for the Transpo Master Plan went pffft when I heard this rocket scientist Mr. G. Foy, City Traffic/Transportation Engineer explain to Council ( ) that because it only saves 10 minutes to use the Parkway, "we feel the Island Highway will continue to be a major corridor within the city for a long time." 10 minutes and he accepts as fait accompli and arrogantly informs Council that this destructive commercial highway is here to stay. Based on faulty and discredited logic. Nevermind that it's hostile to pedestrians and destructive to neighbourhhods, represses both property values and general economic development on either side of it.