Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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The Sociology of Caffeine in Vancouver

BTAworks is the architectural and urban research and development division for Bing Thom Architects.The above interactive map provides the locations of the independent coffee and teahouses in the City of Vancouver used in the study.

The task of documenting the independent purveyors of caffeine in the City of Vancouver has been a far more complicated task than analyzing major coffee chains. These complications come as a combination of hard technical challenges of mining and mapping raw business license data with the softer subjectivities of what qualifies as an “independent” coffee and tea house. This analysis not only includes caffeine in the form of coffee, but, to reflect the multicultural fabric of this city, include those who also sell tea beverages including, of course, Bubble Tea Cafes. In this collection, the sociology of caffeine in Vancouver also reflects the cultural buzz found in this City. More at: BT | A | Works » The Independent Purveyors of Caffeine in the City of Vancouver

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