Saturday, June 8, 2013

City of Nanaimo Transportation Master Plan: From Car-Dependence Now to
Car-Dependence 20 Years From Now

Can you spot the difference? And let's delete one of the human forms riding in the car in the top graphic. Vast majority of car traffic in Nanaimo is carrying only one citizen per vehicle. With minor incremental tweaking like this, I wonder why bother at all. Here's work produced for White Rock by the consultant Nanaimo has engaged (Urban Systems). Can you spot on the cover of this document a single pedestrian or cyclist? Contrast that with Red Deer's initiative, working with Jan Gehl Architects and 8-80 Cities. Here in Nanaimo road building projects proceed while the planning process is underway, City traffic engineers inform Council that they see no reason to eliminate the commercial highway that runs through town, and the Mayor tells the local papers that he sees no "appetite" on Council for reduced speed limits.

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