Sunday, June 9, 2013

Architect Arthur Erickson's Imperiled Future

Arthur Erickson, a native son of Vancouver and one of Canada's most famous architects, died in 2009 at 84. Now his foundation is struggling to keep his house from dying with him.

Mr. Erickson's tiny modernist home, just 900 square feet with one small loft for a bedroom, is a living artifact of Mr. Erickson's process, reflecting the interplay of nature and structure that marked his long career. The property, which sits on a corner lot in Vancouver's Point Grey neighborhood, is bunkered from the street by a wood fence and cedar hedges that feel thick enough to stop a bus. Inside the home looks onto a two-lot garden that has two reflecting ponds and looming Douglas fir trees. Read more: Architect Arthur Erickson's Imperiled Future -

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