Friday, April 18, 2014

City Manager Says: Stop Sprawl? —
Eliminate the Urban Containment Boundary

In 2008 as part of a 10 Year Official Community Plan Review then Nanaimo City Manager Gerry Berry explained to Council that the elimination of the Urban Containment Boundary would halt sprawl by stemming low density development in the Regional District. Seriously. Listen to the logic and urbanist sounding jargon he offers to make his case...

"Increasingly Council is called upon to act on some very complex issues, and it's an organized complexity - so often effects in one area aren't necessarily linear and they're felt elsewhere." — Nanaimo City Manager Gerry Berry, 2008 appropriates some Jane Jacobs speak. What the hell he means by this still escapes me...

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  1. Video link to the Council Meeting here. Thanks Trish Kuziek.