Thursday, April 10, 2014

From US Federal Transit Administration
Alternative Transportation and Your Health

Public Transit and Your Health
  • Commuting by light rail is linked to weight loss—and light rail commuters are about 80% less likely to become obese over time.
  • Traffic accidents decline as public transit usage increases—keeping communities safer. In fact, the fatality rate associated with transportation-related injuries in public transportation is approximately 1/25th that associated with automobiles.
  • Over 140 million Americans—about 25 percent of them children—live, work, and play in areas where air quality does not meet national air quality standards. Harmful motor vehicle emissions account for 25% to 51% of air pollutants in these areas.
  • Communities that are walkable and have access to transit generally have a lower dependence on automobiles and encourage physical activity.
  • Studies have found that men who commute to work on public transportation are 44.6% less likely to be overweight or obese due to increased active commuting.
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