Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From Michael Geller's Blog
Housing Form and Design: My Contribution to the Mayor's Affordable Housing Task Force

Yesterday I joined Bruce Hayden and Patrick Condon at SFU's Noon Time Conversation Series to discuss whether there is a need for alternatives to the glass high-rise tower for Vancouver.  All three of us suggested that while there is a place for towers (well, two out of three were more supportive of building towers, right Patrick?) we all agreed that there is both a place and need for alternatives, especially those that can produce more affordable housing. These include fourplexes, sixplexes, townhouses, stacked townhouses, wood-frame apartments up to six storeys, and mid-rise buildings, both 'set on their own grounds', and with zero side yards. Read more: Michael Geller's Blog: Housing Form and Design: my contribution to the Mayor's Affordable Housing Task Force

Here's the report: 

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