Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From SUNN: Vancouver Historic Quartiers BC Fee-simple Attached Housing Now Legal

This building was built under strata legislation. The owners hold the property in common and must deal with issues as a collective. With the new legislation, each unit will have the legal entity of a single house. Expect changes in design. No more underground parking, common roofs, and shared landscaping. Also expect changes in use. Individual units will generate more opportunities for rental housing. We see major changes to the feel and functioning of the neighbourhood as well. In these matters, small changes can usher in great qualitative differences. Photo: http://sunnvancouver.wordpress.com/ 

Slipping below the radar, in the first week of June 2012, the Provincial Legislature passed a small amendment that made legal a form housing in this region that had been banned from the outset. As a result “the missing link” in Vancouver urbanism is now approved and ready for construction. Fee-simple (clear-title) attached housing is now legal to build in British Columbia for the fist in a long time. There really are no examples I can point to of row houses built here in the last 150 years. Row houses are there, but always missing one important feature or another. We have premised the Vancouver Historic Quariters analysis on just this reversal in policy. Read more about the implications of this change for Vancouver urbanism here. Read more: One Decision Our Way | SUNN: Vancouver Historic Quartiers

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Row houses are few and far between. We just do not see them much any more.