Tuesday, April 2, 2013

From Project for Public Spaces — Placemaking Leadership Council April 11 - 12

Placemaking Leadership Council to be held in Detroit, home of wonderful Campus Martius Park / Photo: PPS
For those of us who are passionate about the public spaces in our communities, this is an extraordinary time. The general awareness of the importance of a strong sense of place—to the economy, to our social fabric, to human health—is growing stronger every day. Placemaking is, at this moment, being transformed from a useful tool to a vital cause by people throughout the world. As one of those rare processes that can bring people with different objectives together under the same banner, Placemaking is uniquely suited to help us grapple with the complex challenges that we face in a globalized society. After almost four decades of working in this field, we are reaching out to peers new and old to form a Placemaking Leadership Council to consolidate and strengthen Placemaking as an international movement. Read more: Project for Public Spaces | Announcing the Placemaking Leadership Council

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