Thursday, April 4, 2013

From Sustainable Cities Collective
Making Cities Places For
The Young and the Aging

While young couples can maintain a large suburban home and rely on their automobile for their mobility, some elderly people have trouble driving, and in some cases are unable to drive. In this case, it is crucial that neighbourhoods be walkable, and that they offer public transit options that are reliable and frequent, as well as safe and comfortable. For one thing, public transit should be accessible by wheelchair.

Montreal is not perfect for the elderly either. Public transit is not easy to maneuver given decreased mobility – and one cannot always get a seat on the metro or the bus. Furthermore, Montreal is famous for its 3-story walk-ups. Acceptable for a young couple, the steep and outdoor stairs of these apartment buildings are treacherous for some elderly residents. Read more: Making Cities Places For the Young and the Aging | Sustainable Cities Collective

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