Friday, April 12, 2013

From Stroad to Boulevard
David Suzuki Foundation Video Advocates Use of BC’s Carbon Tax to Fund Transit

A video advocating for the use of BC’s carbon tax revenue on transit includes a sequence in which a four-plus-one stroad is turned into a complete street. (Click the arrows on the side of the image to see the sequence.) I note that the street transformation precedes the building redevelopments, which I think reflects reality: government, with their monopoly on streets, must lead private developers in stroad retrofits. No one’s going to hang a flower basket on a freeway; and developers rightly recoil from the horrible stroad environment, setting buildings back and putting parking out front. Read more: Stroad to Boulevard • A video advocating for the use of BC’s carbon tax...

The video has been taken down from the Susuki Foundation website for the duration of the provincial election campaign. Here (thanks to is the 4 part sequence showing the evolution of a "stroad" to a shared boulevard shared by cars, transit, cyclists and other non-motorized mobility and pedestrians.