Sunday, September 30, 2012

Architect Franc D'Ambrosio's
Atrium Building in Victoria

In Victoria on the weekend, daughter's birthday lunch at Zambri's and a quick tour of architect Franc D'Ambrosio's Atrium. D'Ambrosio quarterbacked the Downtown Design Guidelines (Urban Planning Institute of BC Award for Excellence in Planning) here in Nanaimo. Collaboration with artist Bill Porteus. The concierge/security guard volunteered detailed background on the developer, the architect and the artists (paintings and wood sculptures by Porteus on display). He also offered opinion questioning the wisdom of the provincial government's privatization of real estate assets that were housing ministry offices, even generating revenue to help cover costs by leasing commercial space. Tenants include BC Ferries and provincial ministries. Good for my company he said but maybe not so good for the taxpayer. Great airy light filled space and a real effort made to draw activity into the space from shops and cafes, but made me appreciate all the more the buzz of Safdie's main library atrium in Vancouver.

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Jak King said...

This is indeed like the VPL atrium which must be one of the most successful spaces in the city. Let's hope it works just as well in Victoria.