Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do You Live In A City? Hmmm....
Let's Find Out : From NPR.org

Urban life is multifaceted and complex. But, sometimes you need to just go with the flow and this chart may (or may not) show you if you're really an urbanite.

Source: The Brookings Institution, Census.gov, City-Data.com, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Endhomelessness.org, Federal Bureau of Investigation, StateoftheAir.org

Credit: Nelson Hsu, Natalie Jones, Melanie Taube, Tanya Ballard Brown / NPR
Do You Live In A City? Hmm. Let's Find Out : NPR


Jeff said...

I like how simple it is ... "How do you walk to work?" --> Walk --> Yes -- "Do you see many other people walking?" --> Yes --> "Yes, [you are an urbanite."

Jak King said...

The problem with this graphic is it entirely excludes the tens of millions of us who are unemployed, students or retired. It would be more valuable if the starting point said something like: "How Do You Get From A to B?"