Monday, September 3, 2012

Email to Mayor, Council: Oh no! Murphy
Has More to Say About Port Place

Date: September 3, 2012 12:43:13 PM PDT
To: Mayor&
Subject: Oh no! Murphy has more to say about Port Place.

Mayor Ruttan and Nanaimo City Councilors,

Ok, we have noted that the promised residential component of the Port Place redevelopment has been dropped. The other element of the renewal plan that was promoted by the developer and your Planning Department was a "connector street" to align with the Gabriola Ferry Terminal and would, we were told, make a considerable contribution to "de-malling" the site. Enthusiastically embraced by Council but also not delivered as promised by the developer. It ends abruptly at the edge of the new strip mall and in its place: (wait for it) more surface parking. First Capital have not shown themselves to be good corporate citizens here and your Planning Department have let you down badly.

Frank Murphy

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Frank Murphy said...

Reply received from Councillor Pattje:

From: Fred Pattje
Date: September 3, 2012 2:59:10 PM PDT
Cc: Mayor&Council , GENERAL MANAGERS
Subject: Re: Oh no! Murphy has more to say about Port Place.

Hi Frank,

Can't say that I disagree a whole lot with you on this one. The loss of promised residential in the mixed residential/retail component, which was to face so-called High Street, is a huge disappointment to me as well, as was the change of location for the planned high rise, if that one ever gets delivered.....I do seem to remember that, when the request for change came, there was, and still is, residential planned but facing towards Piper Park, but the question of "when" certainly seems to be a valid one.

As far as the Gabriola ferry-aligned connector street is concerned, I'll need to check with staff since I am too vague on that part at the moment.

I share your frustration when we are presented with plans that keep changing, most times because of changing market conditions, but sometimes also because financing and other issues are not completed, I can tell you that I have wanted to ask " show me the money", earlier on in the game, on a number of occasions, only to be told that my timing was inappropriate.

I am not sure how our Planning Department could force someone to build something, and will let them respond to your characterization, but I agree with you that there ought to be a way to ensure that we get, in a reasonable amount of time, what we approve and not end up with something which is intrinsically different from or lacking in what was envisioned when that approval was sought and given!


Fred P.